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Use Loops in Worship!

Using Loops in Worship?

If you are reading this and have no idea what a loop is you need to start researching this topic. I have been converted into the idea of using loops in a worship. Why use loops? First off I believe in coming to God and bringing the best worship we can give him. These loops just add to the feel and flow of the worship set. When I do a worship song from Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, Elevation Worship, or any other worship leader/group I want to do it with the same feel and fullness as the recorded version. The truth is now of days more and more bands are moving in the direction of using loops in their sets. I mean we can't have 4 different synth players on stage, a 3 guitarist just for that single lead line in the bridge, or two drummers playing different beats on stage (I mean for most of these instruments its hard to find just one person). So this is where the loops come into play. Another plus to including loops in a set is playing with a click track. If at the least every worship band should be using a click track so that everyone stays on the same beat. I hear some people say that it gets annoying with a click in your ear during worship, but the truth is once you get used to it you won't even realize it is there. With programs like Ableton Live you can program midi foot-controllers to different parts of the song like bridge, verse, and chorus' so you can re-visit and go off the traditional loop order. Also, if you are missing instrumentalists in your church loops (multi-tracks) are a great way to pre-record the parts or instruments you want to have in your set so you never miss a electric guitar line, or soft piano break down in the song. 

For the best tutorials you can check out youtube. There is plenty of online tutorials on how to get started and how to incorporate loops into the worship set. Check out Loop Community, a fantastic place to purchase and listen to a variety of different worship songs, and arrangements.


This is just an intro a new world of technology in worship. There is so much more to it than I can explain in one single blog post, so just check it out for yourself!


Check Out Album "Not Ashamed" By Shawn Starbuck!

Shawn Starbuck is a worship leader at Mosaic Community Church in Oakland, FL. If you live in the Oakland area, I highly suggest you check out this church. They are full of energy and you will be sure to get the truth and grounding of scriptures preached to you. Shawn is super down to earth guy with a heart to glorify God. I have had a chance on a few occasions to ask him questions or chat about music; he has been very open and very knowledgable when it comes to Worship. When I heard this album I know just by sitting down with him a few times that he practices was he sings and knows what his calling is on this earth. A few months ago Shawn sent me a copy of his album "Not Ashamed". I have been listening to this while mowing my grass, in the car, and cleaning around the house (Not like you needed to know those details). I love hearing new worship bands and l like to always keep myself up to date wether its a huge famous band or an independent album from a local artist or church. 

First thing about this album is it was recorded by a fantastic studio and one that would be my go-to studio if I were recording an album, Inertia Sound Studio located in Lakeland, FL. Conrad Johnson is the founder and producer at this studio. His mixes are very well rounded where the vocals clearly cut through the mix. If I was recording any type of music I would be sitting down with Conrad in his studio. So this album sounds amazing to say the least. You have a great Producer with a great musician and song writer that have clearly taken the time to get this album to sound like any Billboard hit album. Right at the first song in this album "Make His Praise Glorious" you hear the great loop, sound effects that producer Conrad Johnson adds to this upbeat song with a lot of energy. The second song on this album is "Not Ashamed" which I believe should be the cry of all Christian hearts. I love listening to this song in the morning on the way to work. It reminds me who I stand for and not to be afraid to stand strong and proclaim it. The lyrics in this song are powerful and makes a great song to title the album off of. I remember I was at work one day and one of my co-workers said "Wow, who is this? These lyrics are powerful, and the music really flows", when he said that I was playing "Forgiven". This song is a softer song, acoustic driven with some strings in the background. Yet again another cry out to God saying "Oh my God, my God You've forgiven me, You have forgiven me". All the lyrics are centered around Gods mercy, grace, cleanliness, forgiveness, his righteousness, and our broken hearts being restored by him. My Favorite song on the album is "Cover Me" this song is taken from Psalm 91. I love it when artists take written scripture and turn it into a song. You really can't go wrong and can't say it is not inspiring. Another song that says God you cover me with Your grace. I love it! Musically there are a good number of build ups and drop outs with just drums playing. Great lyrics and strong backing of music make this a great song and it is why this is my favorite. The last song I will say you need to check out is "The Garden". There isn't really a guitar part in this song, it is driven by keyboard and backing strings. The words are very powerful with the song being sung from Jesus perspective in the Garden. "Not my will but let yours be done". I think in times of our life we always ask God for what we would like God to do in our lives and not what would You like me to do God. When things don't seem to go our way we forget that we are not in control, even though we so often try to take the pilot seat when we are really just Gods passengers. This song is a great reminder and I would suggest this song for a communion Sunday or even an Easter service. 

I really can't say enough about this artist and I could go over each song from the album, but why don't you just check it out yourself. You can click on the links below to purchase the album! 

Shawn Starbuck - "Not Ashamed"


Happy Memorial Day

Today is a day to remember those who fought for our freedom and those who died for our freedom. Please take a few moments today to pray for those who serve our country, for their families, and that God would keep them safe. Also pray for the families that have lost their love ones that  have laid down their lives for our freedom. I want to personally thank anyone that has served for this great country and I wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day!

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay 
down his life for his friends. 
-John 15:13

Looking back Three Years...

Its amazing what you can find when cleaning out a musicians man cave. My wife and I are moving out in a month and it is interesting what stuff I decided to hold onto. Its also awesome when you find things you thought you lost like my iPad HDMI converter (Ya!!). I also found a CD from a live recording from Metro Church in Winter Springs, FL dated 06-28-09.

Here is a track from that CD where I led the song "Jesus Paid It All"


New HD500 Patch - Duesenberg Starplayer TV

New POD HD500 Patch

Starplayer TV

I am using my Duesenberg Starplayer TV this Sunday at church and figured I would post up my new patch for anyone that wants to try it out. I love Vox amp sounds so this one features the Vox AC30 clean patch with a little crunch if you play hard (By the way the dynamic range of the HD500 is great). The cleans sound wonderful with the neck pickup and then switch it to the bridge and turn on the tube screamer (FS2) for some nice bright overtones. If you can't tell I love delay. I like having two, one at doted 8th and one at the 1/4 delay. The 1/4 gives it more of a chug, chug, chug type of sound (hard to describe in words). There is a pitch effect takes the guitar up an octave on FS3. I made it for the song "Who You Are" by Kristian Stanfill from the passion CD White Flag. The song builds on the bridge and the second time goes up an octave. You can view this tone and more on my Gear Page or clicking Get tone on the bottom. 

Hope you enjoy the patch. Let me know your feedback. Thanks!

 Duesenberg Starplayer TV Patch  -     


*FlashBack* to the Year 2001...My First Song was Written

First Song Written Flashback Demo

After been playing guitar for about 6 months (the year 2001) I had written a simple song in the key of E after reading the book of Psalm's. This song is about David's cry out to God that amongst his trials and the hard times of his life that he would still bring praise, glory, and honor to Gods Holy name. Ryan Riddle recorded this scratch demo and played drums in the background to add more flare. So here you have it my first song ever written (we all have to start somewhere)......"Hear My Cry" 


Jesus in My Place - The Summit Church Album Release April 29th

See This Guy right here? His name is Matt Papa. He is a very talented worship leader and is on staff at The Summit Church in Durham North Carolina. My church is going to be playing one of his songs from his newest album This Changes Everything, called "It is Finished". It is perfect for easter especially since this albums theme is "a cry to put off empty religion and embrace the radical call of the risen Christ." One other thing I love about Papa is when he write a song he believes that "a song is more than just lyrics and melody – it’s a sermon people will remember." This very talented heart driven guy is one of the couple of songwriters for the new The Summit Church album Jesus in My Place. 

Why do a lot of our popular worship songs come from a Passion Conference, Hillsong Church, Jesus Culture, or New Life Worship? I believe it is because when these groups of people get together its a group of people not just one person sitting down trying to find the words from God that could engage people into the presence of God. Two or more heads are better than just one. When a group of talented people get together to help each other perfect the great ideas that are written out even better things are produced. This is why I am excited to hear what The Summit Church's new album Jesus in My Place has to tell us.  

The release Date of the Album is April 29, 2012. 

 "Summit Worship is releasing Jesus In My Place, a brand new collection of worship songs from the worship leaders of the Summit Church. Every song on this record was written and compiled with one goal in mind -- to display the life-changing power of the gospel. The gospel is the good news of what God, in Jesus Christ, has done for us."

Here's a sneak peak of the record:
We Welcome You
You Are
Jesus In My Place


New Worship Album - Paul Baloche "The Same Love"

Paul Baloche's new Album "The Same Love" released today

As a worship leader I love it when someone whether they are big or small in their career comes out with new music. This time it happens to be a guy that has been doing this career for a good amount of time. He knows by now exactly what his church in Texas needs to hear and write's specifically for their needs. Here is how iTunes describes this new album......

Tracks like "Shout for Joy" and "We Are Saved" ratchet up the volume and intensity as they move along, dipping back down into an emotional bridge before slamming the gas pedal down into a final rousing chorus. All well and good, but the most affecting songs here tend to be the ones that stray from that path. The simple combination of piano, strings, and Baloche's strong vocals on "Your Blood Ran Down" makes for a lovely, meditative moment. The same is true of "Just Say," which adds a female vocal counterpoint and a steady, understated drumbeat to the mix. Loud or soft, Baloche knows how to pull at the spirit, calling for listeners to lift up their voices and join in.

I have always been a fan of his music and I am excited to get to download this album today and listen to it all the way through. Today I have only had a chance to listen to iTunes demo's and it sounds like a great album (like one would assume). Thanks for yet another album Paul Baloche!

For Free Chord Charts to some of his new songs on this album visit Paul


First Baptist Oviedo Easter Morning Service!

Come to First Baptist Oviedo for our Easter Service!

This Sunday morning April 8, 2012, First Baptist Church of Oviedo will be sharing the hope that is found in Jesus Christ through a musical called "It is Finished!" An Easter Celebration recognizing the death and resurrection of Christ. There are two identical services beginning at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. 

The Pastor Dr. Dwayne Mercer will be speaking on "Hope from an Empty Cross." 

It will also be broadcasted on live television on channel 45 (WTGL).



FlashBack to my High School Years

FlashBack to the Year 2003!

I just posted a new song on my music page which is a cover of the band Jars of Clay, the song titled "Flood". 

I remember staying up late and pulling all "nighters" with my friend Ryan Riddle before I went into class the next morning to Oviedo High school. Ryan and I recorded a 4 song demo of some Christian songs we enjoyed to play. This song was the last one of the four. This song features a longer extended intro, complex chord structures, and high vocal harmony's (the harmony's blend well just because I sang them all, so three 16 year old Paul Feinberg's). It was a fun song to record all in all. I really enjoyed my high school years.......enjoy my flashback song!

You can view the song here or on my music page


Posted My HD500 Patches!

My POD HD500 Patches Have Arrived!

I will start posting my HD500 patches as I make new ones. I have started everyone out with three patches. I am still working to perfect some of my other ones as I make them. For the most part for Sunday mornings I usually just have one patch that I use for all the songs. I will tap in the tempo of the song with the click track count off. I assign a Boost to FS1, a Drive to FS2, an effect to FS3 (most of the time Phaser), and my delays to FS3 (I mainly use two different delays at the same time, mostly consisting of a doted 8th delay). I haven't felt the need as of right now to switch to a 8 button FS assignment. I used to use a Fractal audio axe-fx with a Liquid-Foot Jr. and have managed to get by with 4 button FS assignment and 4 button pre-sets. I might consider changing in the future, but I am happy with the way I do it now.

I have moded my strat similar to Lincoln Brewsters strat. So I have taken pictures of Lincolns HD500 and made my patches based on his amp and EQ model. So if you are looking for a Lincoln Tone for your strat here it is. I love rolling back the volume on the guitar to get cleans and or make it have more drive. So if the tones are too driven just roll down your volume knob. The Volume Swell patch is very easy to use and provides a good amount of room for volume swells. Feel free to comment and download my patches. I will post more as I feel confident in my other patches.

Click here to see my gear page for the patches!

My Passion CD has arrived!

My Passion CD has arrived! It's a day late.....I think next year I might just have to convert away from real CD's and start going just iTunes. So everyone that ordered a CD from passion should at least get it by today. I am excited to now be able to listen to the music parts of these songs! If you haven't ordered this CD yet, you should check it out on iTunes there are a good number of fantastic songs on this CD. 


Ordered Some JH Audio JH-16 Pro's Last night

Last night I ordered a pair of custom in-ears from JH audio. If you have never heard of the company They have just top quality stuff. The creator Jerry Harvey was also the original founder of Ultimate Ears before Logic purchased them. Of course Jerry came back into the business and made even better in-ears. The thing that is awesome about this company is...(they are 10 miles down the road from me, thats a plus) They will give you free ear molds for your ears if you just walk in the door and ask them. They can keep the molds on file for 1 year. Not only that but you can come in the office and just try every model they make, from the cheapest to the most expensive. When I was there I personally loved the JH-13 Pro and JH-16 Pro. Both sounded fantastic, but the 16's had a little more bass emphasisbut it wasn't overwhelming. The $50 dollar difference in price made it pretty easy for me to choose which one I wanted to get. If you want to isolate those ears and just get the best sound out of them maybe you yourself should look into them. I am a worship leader and use them every week and I finally broke down (saved up the money), and bought them. I believe it will be a very good investment. For worship leaders there are times where you just want to rip out one in ear for like the end of a song or if someone needed to ask you something really quick, but then you have that hassel of trying to smash the foam insert to your in-ear and getting it to fit right. That is another perk I am looking forward to with the molded in ears, they should slip into my ear easier without having any foam inserts. Plus these things really do sound amazing, and will even sound better than I got to hear because the demo's dont have as much isolation as the molds will have.

 I will give you an open box review and a hands on review after using them for a few weeks.  

I personally ordered Chirt Green Translucent (I love Green!). I will get them in about 4 weeks. 



Twenty Seven Million Music Video By: Matt Redman

Matt and Beth Redman, and LZ7 released"Twenty Seven Million" a few weeks ago. Its a song to raise awareness for anit-Human trafficking movement. If you would like to support the A21 Campaign and the help abolish modern day slavery you can purchase the song. The song was recorded at Passion 2012 where the conferences theme was Freedom.  

The Music Video: Recorded at Passion 2012

Help Support Freedom Here Download the song:


Passion 2013! Heading Back to the Dome! Register Today!

Passion 2013 Registration Starts Now!

This past year Passion 2012 had more than 42,000 people inside the Georgia Dome praising the name of the Lord. This year at Passion 2013 they are opening up the entire Georgia dome with plans to fill it up to the max! The Georgia Dome can seat for concerts up to 75,000 people.....Can you imagine a room filled with 75,000 people praising the name of the Lord? Well you can have that chance. Starting now you can register for Passion 2013. The sooner you register the cheaper it is. Reserve your hotels now as well! If you thought it was hard waiting till the last minute finding a hotel near the dome this past year......imagine how hard of a time you will have this coming year if 75,000 people are there! So my thought is register now and book your hotel now! 

This past year was amazing and if you have never attended a passion conference before this is a perfect chance to really get a great experience with many....many....many of Gods people all lifting up the name of the one true God!



Passion 2012 CD : White Flag

The 2012 Passion CD - Passion: White Flag

Release Date: Tuesday March 13, 2012

The CD is titled after the song featuring Chris Tomlin, "White Flag". If you haven't seen my blog post on the chord chart for this song check it out. I have also recently added the PDF download for the song. If you use Planning Center Online and would like the text file to throw in your Lyrics/Chord generator just e-mail me and I will send them your way. The song "White Flag" is supposed to be aired on the radio beginning today February 24, 2012. So be on the look out for that.

This CD also features sixstepsrecords artists Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Charlie Hall, Christy Nockels, Kristian Stanfill, and Matt Redman. This CD was recorded inside the Georgia Dome with around 43,000 + students. I know by experience that this conference was flowing with the spirit of God and I am looking forward to revisiting those songs again from the conference.

Passion: White Flag  CD (Pre-Order Here):

1.  Not Ashamed (featuring Kristian Stanfill)
2.  White Flag (featuring Chris Tomlin)
3.  Jesus Son Of God (featuring Chris Tomlin and Christy Nockels)
4.  How I Love You Jesus (featuring Christy Nockels)
5.   All This Glory (featuring David Crowder*Band)
6.   Lay Me Down (featuring Chris Tomlin & Matt Redman)
7.   You Revive Me (featuring Christy Nockels)
8.   One Thing Remains (featuring Kristian Stanfill)
9.   Yahweh (featuring Chris Tomlin)
10.  Sing Along (featuring Christy Nockels)
11.  The Only One (featuring Chris Tomlin)
12.  Mystery (featuring Charlie Hall)
13.  10,000 Reasons  (featuring Matt Redman)
14.  No Turning Back (featuring Chris Tomlin)


How to be More Productive

I got an encouragement e-mail from a local pastor Jeff Dixon Pastor of Covenant Community Church in Sanford, FL. How managing your time as a leader really does matter on how productive you can be in anything you do.

Three things I've noticed about productive people.

1. They're protective of their time.
They don't waste their time and they don't let others waste their time.
Because they see time as a resource given to them by God to manage effectively...they approach life that way. They tend to ask themselves, "Is this the best thing I can be doing at this moment?" This is where so many drop the ball. I can list you people who manage their time so poorly that their lives are a mess, if they are leaders their teams are a mess, and they have lost their impact. Time is one of our most precious gifts

2. They know how to say to no.
Productive people spend most of their time doing things that take them in the direction of their goals.
They know how to make the distinction between a good use of their time and the best use of their time.
Productive people know that their time and strength and resources are limited. You can't do everything that everyone else wants you to do; you can only do what God has called you to do. It's important to know how to say, "no."

As we have learned in ADVANCE as leaders this plays to our strengths. I believe and contend that we should always be striving to strengthen our strengths. It is anti-cultural but then again, so is following Jesus

3. They limit the number of projects they pursue.
I've never met a truly successful person who was spread too thin. They tend to dig deep, not wide. Productive people invest more of their time in fewer projects. The result is that they get more done.

Some people I've known who were supposedly good with managing time were, in fact, abrupt and impatient, always with the impression that you're imposing.
It doesn't have to be that way.

Effective time management doesn't mean that you're always in a hurry. It means that you're always focused on doing what matters. This includes, sometimes, just hanging out with your kids and doing nothing. It includes, sometimes, swapping stories with co-workers and employees. It includes, sometimes, sitting in a park and praying about what's happening in your life. It also includes seasons of rolling up your sleeves and working your socks off!

William Penn said, "Time is what we want most, but what we use worst." Using time well is a lifelong pursuit, a never-ending process of weeding and pruning.

Psalm 90:12 in the New Living Translation says, "Teach us to make the most of our time, so that we may grow in wisdom."


Where to Begin Writing a Worship Song

Yesterday I ran into a friend of mine that I used to be in a band with called "Shades of Green". She was the head songwriter for the group and it was great to see her. She asked me "Paul, have you written anything new lately?" I said, "well, no due to time and really I am trying to reflect more of that time towards prayer and reading the bible."

I have just been thinking about that the past day and remember when I was younger I would be like....well I am going to write a song today, but I just couldn't find the words to say and I would just kind of throw something together and of course, I would read it later thinking ummmmm, no one will be able to get into this. The music sounds cool, but it just seems a little watered down and a little childish. Looking back now if I had just taken the time to pray and read the bible more those words could have been something greater. Reflecting on our life and writing a song about it ya that's great, but in a worship song we need to really know the God we are singing about. We need to know how others in the bible worshiped God, and the great things our God can do. You want to write a good worship song, well you are going to have to start with more time with God and less time with a paper and pen trying to make yourself come up with the words to say. Think about it, the more time you spend with your wife, the more words you will have to say, the more experiences you will be able to incorporate into a song to write to her. You want to write a good worship song? You want to know where to begin? Begin with spending more time with God, dig deep into his word, and just spend more time talking to God in prayer. You start doing this and I believe you will begin to have more knowledge, and more guidance to write that worship song that can connect others with God.


Getting Back into the Flow

My wife and I have been attending Firs Baptist Church of Oviedo for the past month and I auditioned for the praise team last week. I made it and they want me to play lead electric guitar. I had my first practice with the praise team last night and I will say I had a fantastic time. It was a very talented team, and practice went very smoothly, I would say one of the most smoothest practices I have been to in a while. All in all I am very excited to see where God leads us in this church. The head music director even asked me about playing electric guitar in first service and some possible solo's for first service as well. I am ready and excited!


Ghost Tour in Savannah

Chelsea and I show up right before the walking ghost tour leaves. The tour guide asks us "are you a believer"? I respond, "Yes I am! Jesus!" Chelsea leans over to me and says "not that kind of believer"! Then I changed my response to "Oh, No!" The tour guide then responds, "Maybe I should have clarified".

Passion 2012 Community group

I just want to give a big shout out to my Community group in the Glitter Green passion group! They were awesome!

Last David crowder band concert

Live @ Passion 2012!

Heading to the Dome!

My wife, Ryan and I are leaving North Carolina heading to the Georgia dome for Passion 2012. For those of you who are going I will see you there!!

North Carolina Update

Today my wife and I are attending Biltmore Baptist Church with our friend Ryan. Then we are eating out with Ryan's family for lunch. Later we might go hiking and tonight we will start heading off to Passion 2012 in the Georgia Dome!


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