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Ghost Tour in Savannah

Chelsea and I show up right before the walking ghost tour leaves. The tour guide asks us "are you a believer"? I respond, "Yes I am! Jesus!" Chelsea leans over to me and says "not that kind of believer"! Then I changed my response to "Oh, No!" The tour guide then responds, "Maybe I should have clarified".

Passion 2012 Community group

I just want to give a big shout out to my Community group in the Glitter Green passion group! They were awesome!

Last David crowder band concert

Live @ Passion 2012!

Heading to the Dome!

My wife, Ryan and I are leaving North Carolina heading to the Georgia dome for Passion 2012. For those of you who are going I will see you there!!

North Carolina Update

Today my wife and I are attending Biltmore Baptist Church with our friend Ryan. Then we are eating out with Ryan's family for lunch. Later we might go hiking and tonight we will start heading off to Passion 2012 in the Georgia Dome!


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