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Passion 2012 CD : White Flag

The 2012 Passion CD - Passion: White Flag

Release Date: Tuesday March 13, 2012

The CD is titled after the song featuring Chris Tomlin, "White Flag". If you haven't seen my blog post on the chord chart for this song check it out. I have also recently added the PDF download for the song. If you use Planning Center Online and would like the text file to throw in your Lyrics/Chord generator just e-mail me and I will send them your way. The song "White Flag" is supposed to be aired on the radio beginning today February 24, 2012. So be on the look out for that.

This CD also features sixstepsrecords artists Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Charlie Hall, Christy Nockels, Kristian Stanfill, and Matt Redman. This CD was recorded inside the Georgia Dome with around 43,000 + students. I know by experience that this conference was flowing with the spirit of God and I am looking forward to revisiting those songs again from the conference.

Passion: White Flag  CD (Pre-Order Here):

1.  Not Ashamed (featuring Kristian Stanfill)
2.  White Flag (featuring Chris Tomlin)
3.  Jesus Son Of God (featuring Chris Tomlin and Christy Nockels)
4.  How I Love You Jesus (featuring Christy Nockels)
5.   All This Glory (featuring David Crowder*Band)
6.   Lay Me Down (featuring Chris Tomlin & Matt Redman)
7.   You Revive Me (featuring Christy Nockels)
8.   One Thing Remains (featuring Kristian Stanfill)
9.   Yahweh (featuring Chris Tomlin)
10.  Sing Along (featuring Christy Nockels)
11.  The Only One (featuring Chris Tomlin)
12.  Mystery (featuring Charlie Hall)
13.  10,000 Reasons  (featuring Matt Redman)
14.  No Turning Back (featuring Chris Tomlin)


How to be More Productive

I got an encouragement e-mail from a local pastor Jeff Dixon Pastor of Covenant Community Church in Sanford, FL. How managing your time as a leader really does matter on how productive you can be in anything you do.

Three things I've noticed about productive people.

1. They're protective of their time.
They don't waste their time and they don't let others waste their time.
Because they see time as a resource given to them by God to manage effectively...they approach life that way. They tend to ask themselves, "Is this the best thing I can be doing at this moment?" This is where so many drop the ball. I can list you people who manage their time so poorly that their lives are a mess, if they are leaders their teams are a mess, and they have lost their impact. Time is one of our most precious gifts

2. They know how to say to no.
Productive people spend most of their time doing things that take them in the direction of their goals.
They know how to make the distinction between a good use of their time and the best use of their time.
Productive people know that their time and strength and resources are limited. You can't do everything that everyone else wants you to do; you can only do what God has called you to do. It's important to know how to say, "no."

As we have learned in ADVANCE as leaders this plays to our strengths. I believe and contend that we should always be striving to strengthen our strengths. It is anti-cultural but then again, so is following Jesus

3. They limit the number of projects they pursue.
I've never met a truly successful person who was spread too thin. They tend to dig deep, not wide. Productive people invest more of their time in fewer projects. The result is that they get more done.

Some people I've known who were supposedly good with managing time were, in fact, abrupt and impatient, always with the impression that you're imposing.
It doesn't have to be that way.

Effective time management doesn't mean that you're always in a hurry. It means that you're always focused on doing what matters. This includes, sometimes, just hanging out with your kids and doing nothing. It includes, sometimes, swapping stories with co-workers and employees. It includes, sometimes, sitting in a park and praying about what's happening in your life. It also includes seasons of rolling up your sleeves and working your socks off!

William Penn said, "Time is what we want most, but what we use worst." Using time well is a lifelong pursuit, a never-ending process of weeding and pruning.

Psalm 90:12 in the New Living Translation says, "Teach us to make the most of our time, so that we may grow in wisdom."


Where to Begin Writing a Worship Song

Yesterday I ran into a friend of mine that I used to be in a band with called "Shades of Green". She was the head songwriter for the group and it was great to see her. She asked me "Paul, have you written anything new lately?" I said, "well, no due to time and really I am trying to reflect more of that time towards prayer and reading the bible."

I have just been thinking about that the past day and remember when I was younger I would be like....well I am going to write a song today, but I just couldn't find the words to say and I would just kind of throw something together and of course, I would read it later thinking ummmmm, no one will be able to get into this. The music sounds cool, but it just seems a little watered down and a little childish. Looking back now if I had just taken the time to pray and read the bible more those words could have been something greater. Reflecting on our life and writing a song about it ya that's great, but in a worship song we need to really know the God we are singing about. We need to know how others in the bible worshiped God, and the great things our God can do. You want to write a good worship song, well you are going to have to start with more time with God and less time with a paper and pen trying to make yourself come up with the words to say. Think about it, the more time you spend with your wife, the more words you will have to say, the more experiences you will be able to incorporate into a song to write to her. You want to write a good worship song? You want to know where to begin? Begin with spending more time with God, dig deep into his word, and just spend more time talking to God in prayer. You start doing this and I believe you will begin to have more knowledge, and more guidance to write that worship song that can connect others with God.


Getting Back into the Flow

My wife and I have been attending Firs Baptist Church of Oviedo for the past month and I auditioned for the praise team last week. I made it and they want me to play lead electric guitar. I had my first practice with the praise team last night and I will say I had a fantastic time. It was a very talented team, and practice went very smoothly, I would say one of the most smoothest practices I have been to in a while. All in all I am very excited to see where God leads us in this church. The head music director even asked me about playing electric guitar in first service and some possible solo's for first service as well. I am ready and excited!



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