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Where to Begin Writing a Worship Song

Yesterday I ran into a friend of mine that I used to be in a band with called "Shades of Green". She was the head songwriter for the group and it was great to see her. She asked me "Paul, have you written anything new lately?" I said, "well, no due to time and really I am trying to reflect more of that time towards prayer and reading the bible."

I have just been thinking about that the past day and remember when I was younger I would be like....well I am going to write a song today, but I just couldn't find the words to say and I would just kind of throw something together and of course, I would read it later thinking ummmmm, no one will be able to get into this. The music sounds cool, but it just seems a little watered down and a little childish. Looking back now if I had just taken the time to pray and read the bible more those words could have been something greater. Reflecting on our life and writing a song about it ya that's great, but in a worship song we need to really know the God we are singing about. We need to know how others in the bible worshiped God, and the great things our God can do. You want to write a good worship song, well you are going to have to start with more time with God and less time with a paper and pen trying to make yourself come up with the words to say. Think about it, the more time you spend with your wife, the more words you will have to say, the more experiences you will be able to incorporate into a song to write to her. You want to write a good worship song? You want to know where to begin? Begin with spending more time with God, dig deep into his word, and just spend more time talking to God in prayer. You start doing this and I believe you will begin to have more knowledge, and more guidance to write that worship song that can connect others with God.

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