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Passion 2013! Heading Back to the Dome! Register Today!

Passion 2013 Registration Starts Now!

This past year Passion 2012 had more than 42,000 people inside the Georgia Dome praising the name of the Lord. This year at Passion 2013 they are opening up the entire Georgia dome with plans to fill it up to the max! The Georgia Dome can seat for concerts up to 75,000 people.....Can you imagine a room filled with 75,000 people praising the name of the Lord? Well you can have that chance. Starting now you can register for Passion 2013. The sooner you register the cheaper it is. Reserve your hotels now as well! If you thought it was hard waiting till the last minute finding a hotel near the dome this past year......imagine how hard of a time you will have this coming year if 75,000 people are there! So my thought is register now and book your hotel now! 

This past year was amazing and if you have never attended a passion conference before this is a perfect chance to really get a great experience with many....many....many of Gods people all lifting up the name of the one true God!


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