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Posted My HD500 Patches!

My POD HD500 Patches Have Arrived!

I will start posting my HD500 patches as I make new ones. I have started everyone out with three patches. I am still working to perfect some of my other ones as I make them. For the most part for Sunday mornings I usually just have one patch that I use for all the songs. I will tap in the tempo of the song with the click track count off. I assign a Boost to FS1, a Drive to FS2, an effect to FS3 (most of the time Phaser), and my delays to FS3 (I mainly use two different delays at the same time, mostly consisting of a doted 8th delay). I haven't felt the need as of right now to switch to a 8 button FS assignment. I used to use a Fractal audio axe-fx with a Liquid-Foot Jr. and have managed to get by with 4 button FS assignment and 4 button pre-sets. I might consider changing in the future, but I am happy with the way I do it now.

I have moded my strat similar to Lincoln Brewsters strat. So I have taken pictures of Lincolns HD500 and made my patches based on his amp and EQ model. So if you are looking for a Lincoln Tone for your strat here it is. I love rolling back the volume on the guitar to get cleans and or make it have more drive. So if the tones are too driven just roll down your volume knob. The Volume Swell patch is very easy to use and provides a good amount of room for volume swells. Feel free to comment and download my patches. I will post more as I feel confident in my other patches.

Click here to see my gear page for the patches!

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