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Looking back Three Years...

Its amazing what you can find when cleaning out a musicians man cave. My wife and I are moving out in a month and it is interesting what stuff I decided to hold onto. Its also awesome when you find things you thought you lost like my iPad HDMI converter (Ya!!). I also found a CD from a live recording from Metro Church in Winter Springs, FL dated 06-28-09.

Here is a track from that CD where I led the song "Jesus Paid It All"


New HD500 Patch - Duesenberg Starplayer TV

New POD HD500 Patch

Starplayer TV

I am using my Duesenberg Starplayer TV this Sunday at church and figured I would post up my new patch for anyone that wants to try it out. I love Vox amp sounds so this one features the Vox AC30 clean patch with a little crunch if you play hard (By the way the dynamic range of the HD500 is great). The cleans sound wonderful with the neck pickup and then switch it to the bridge and turn on the tube screamer (FS2) for some nice bright overtones. If you can't tell I love delay. I like having two, one at doted 8th and one at the 1/4 delay. The 1/4 gives it more of a chug, chug, chug type of sound (hard to describe in words). There is a pitch effect takes the guitar up an octave on FS3. I made it for the song "Who You Are" by Kristian Stanfill from the passion CD White Flag. The song builds on the bridge and the second time goes up an octave. You can view this tone and more on my Gear Page or clicking Get tone on the bottom. 

Hope you enjoy the patch. Let me know your feedback. Thanks!

 Duesenberg Starplayer TV Patch  -     


*FlashBack* to the Year 2001...My First Song was Written

First Song Written Flashback Demo

After been playing guitar for about 6 months (the year 2001) I had written a simple song in the key of E after reading the book of Psalm's. This song is about David's cry out to God that amongst his trials and the hard times of his life that he would still bring praise, glory, and honor to Gods Holy name. Ryan Riddle recorded this scratch demo and played drums in the background to add more flare. So here you have it my first song ever written (we all have to start somewhere)......"Hear My Cry" 


Jesus in My Place - The Summit Church Album Release April 29th

See This Guy right here? His name is Matt Papa. He is a very talented worship leader and is on staff at The Summit Church in Durham North Carolina. My church is going to be playing one of his songs from his newest album This Changes Everything, called "It is Finished". It is perfect for easter especially since this albums theme is "a cry to put off empty religion and embrace the radical call of the risen Christ." One other thing I love about Papa is when he write a song he believes that "a song is more than just lyrics and melody – it’s a sermon people will remember." This very talented heart driven guy is one of the couple of songwriters for the new The Summit Church album Jesus in My Place. 

Why do a lot of our popular worship songs come from a Passion Conference, Hillsong Church, Jesus Culture, or New Life Worship? I believe it is because when these groups of people get together its a group of people not just one person sitting down trying to find the words from God that could engage people into the presence of God. Two or more heads are better than just one. When a group of talented people get together to help each other perfect the great ideas that are written out even better things are produced. This is why I am excited to hear what The Summit Church's new album Jesus in My Place has to tell us.  

The release Date of the Album is April 29, 2012. 

 "Summit Worship is releasing Jesus In My Place, a brand new collection of worship songs from the worship leaders of the Summit Church. Every song on this record was written and compiled with one goal in mind -- to display the life-changing power of the gospel. The gospel is the good news of what God, in Jesus Christ, has done for us."

Here's a sneak peak of the record:
We Welcome You
You Are
Jesus In My Place


New Worship Album - Paul Baloche "The Same Love"

Paul Baloche's new Album "The Same Love" released today

As a worship leader I love it when someone whether they are big or small in their career comes out with new music. This time it happens to be a guy that has been doing this career for a good amount of time. He knows by now exactly what his church in Texas needs to hear and write's specifically for their needs. Here is how iTunes describes this new album......

Tracks like "Shout for Joy" and "We Are Saved" ratchet up the volume and intensity as they move along, dipping back down into an emotional bridge before slamming the gas pedal down into a final rousing chorus. All well and good, but the most affecting songs here tend to be the ones that stray from that path. The simple combination of piano, strings, and Baloche's strong vocals on "Your Blood Ran Down" makes for a lovely, meditative moment. The same is true of "Just Say," which adds a female vocal counterpoint and a steady, understated drumbeat to the mix. Loud or soft, Baloche knows how to pull at the spirit, calling for listeners to lift up their voices and join in.

I have always been a fan of his music and I am excited to get to download this album today and listen to it all the way through. Today I have only had a chance to listen to iTunes demo's and it sounds like a great album (like one would assume). Thanks for yet another album Paul Baloche!

For Free Chord Charts to some of his new songs on this album visit Paul


First Baptist Oviedo Easter Morning Service!

Come to First Baptist Oviedo for our Easter Service!

This Sunday morning April 8, 2012, First Baptist Church of Oviedo will be sharing the hope that is found in Jesus Christ through a musical called "It is Finished!" An Easter Celebration recognizing the death and resurrection of Christ. There are two identical services beginning at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. 

The Pastor Dr. Dwayne Mercer will be speaking on "Hope from an Empty Cross." 

It will also be broadcasted on live television on channel 45 (WTGL).



FlashBack to my High School Years

FlashBack to the Year 2003!

I just posted a new song on my music page which is a cover of the band Jars of Clay, the song titled "Flood". 

I remember staying up late and pulling all "nighters" with my friend Ryan Riddle before I went into class the next morning to Oviedo High school. Ryan and I recorded a 4 song demo of some Christian songs we enjoyed to play. This song was the last one of the four. This song features a longer extended intro, complex chord structures, and high vocal harmony's (the harmony's blend well just because I sang them all, so three 16 year old Paul Feinberg's). It was a fun song to record all in all. I really enjoyed my high school years.......enjoy my flashback song!

You can view the song here or on my music page



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