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FlashBack to my High School Years

FlashBack to the Year 2003!

I just posted a new song on my music page which is a cover of the band Jars of Clay, the song titled "Flood". 

I remember staying up late and pulling all "nighters" with my friend Ryan Riddle before I went into class the next morning to Oviedo High school. Ryan and I recorded a 4 song demo of some Christian songs we enjoyed to play. This song was the last one of the four. This song features a longer extended intro, complex chord structures, and high vocal harmony's (the harmony's blend well just because I sang them all, so three 16 year old Paul Feinberg's). It was a fun song to record all in all. I really enjoyed my high school years.......enjoy my flashback song!

You can view the song here or on my music page

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