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New Worship Album - Paul Baloche "The Same Love"

Paul Baloche's new Album "The Same Love" released today

As a worship leader I love it when someone whether they are big or small in their career comes out with new music. This time it happens to be a guy that has been doing this career for a good amount of time. He knows by now exactly what his church in Texas needs to hear and write's specifically for their needs. Here is how iTunes describes this new album......

Tracks like "Shout for Joy" and "We Are Saved" ratchet up the volume and intensity as they move along, dipping back down into an emotional bridge before slamming the gas pedal down into a final rousing chorus. All well and good, but the most affecting songs here tend to be the ones that stray from that path. The simple combination of piano, strings, and Baloche's strong vocals on "Your Blood Ran Down" makes for a lovely, meditative moment. The same is true of "Just Say," which adds a female vocal counterpoint and a steady, understated drumbeat to the mix. Loud or soft, Baloche knows how to pull at the spirit, calling for listeners to lift up their voices and join in.

I have always been a fan of his music and I am excited to get to download this album today and listen to it all the way through. Today I have only had a chance to listen to iTunes demo's and it sounds like a great album (like one would assume). Thanks for yet another album Paul Baloche!

For Free Chord Charts to some of his new songs on this album visit Paul

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