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Check Out Album "Not Ashamed" By Shawn Starbuck!

Shawn Starbuck is a worship leader at Mosaic Community Church in Oakland, FL. If you live in the Oakland area, I highly suggest you check out this church. They are full of energy and you will be sure to get the truth and grounding of scriptures preached to you. Shawn is super down to earth guy with a heart to glorify God. I have had a chance on a few occasions to ask him questions or chat about music; he has been very open and very knowledgable when it comes to Worship. When I heard this album I know just by sitting down with him a few times that he practices was he sings and knows what his calling is on this earth. A few months ago Shawn sent me a copy of his album "Not Ashamed". I have been listening to this while mowing my grass, in the car, and cleaning around the house (Not like you needed to know those details). I love hearing new worship bands and l like to always keep myself up to date wether its a huge famous band or an independent album from a local artist or church. 

First thing about this album is it was recorded by a fantastic studio and one that would be my go-to studio if I were recording an album, Inertia Sound Studio located in Lakeland, FL. Conrad Johnson is the founder and producer at this studio. His mixes are very well rounded where the vocals clearly cut through the mix. If I was recording any type of music I would be sitting down with Conrad in his studio. So this album sounds amazing to say the least. You have a great Producer with a great musician and song writer that have clearly taken the time to get this album to sound like any Billboard hit album. Right at the first song in this album "Make His Praise Glorious" you hear the great loop, sound effects that producer Conrad Johnson adds to this upbeat song with a lot of energy. The second song on this album is "Not Ashamed" which I believe should be the cry of all Christian hearts. I love listening to this song in the morning on the way to work. It reminds me who I stand for and not to be afraid to stand strong and proclaim it. The lyrics in this song are powerful and makes a great song to title the album off of. I remember I was at work one day and one of my co-workers said "Wow, who is this? These lyrics are powerful, and the music really flows", when he said that I was playing "Forgiven". This song is a softer song, acoustic driven with some strings in the background. Yet again another cry out to God saying "Oh my God, my God You've forgiven me, You have forgiven me". All the lyrics are centered around Gods mercy, grace, cleanliness, forgiveness, his righteousness, and our broken hearts being restored by him. My Favorite song on the album is "Cover Me" this song is taken from Psalm 91. I love it when artists take written scripture and turn it into a song. You really can't go wrong and can't say it is not inspiring. Another song that says God you cover me with Your grace. I love it! Musically there are a good number of build ups and drop outs with just drums playing. Great lyrics and strong backing of music make this a great song and it is why this is my favorite. The last song I will say you need to check out is "The Garden". There isn't really a guitar part in this song, it is driven by keyboard and backing strings. The words are very powerful with the song being sung from Jesus perspective in the Garden. "Not my will but let yours be done". I think in times of our life we always ask God for what we would like God to do in our lives and not what would You like me to do God. When things don't seem to go our way we forget that we are not in control, even though we so often try to take the pilot seat when we are really just Gods passengers. This song is a great reminder and I would suggest this song for a communion Sunday or even an Easter service. 

I really can't say enough about this artist and I could go over each song from the album, but why don't you just check it out yourself. You can click on the links below to purchase the album! 

Shawn Starbuck - "Not Ashamed"

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