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Use Loops in Worship!

Using Loops in Worship?

If you are reading this and have no idea what a loop is you need to start researching this topic. I have been converted into the idea of using loops in a worship. Why use loops? First off I believe in coming to God and bringing the best worship we can give him. These loops just add to the feel and flow of the worship set. When I do a worship song from Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, Elevation Worship, or any other worship leader/group I want to do it with the same feel and fullness as the recorded version. The truth is now of days more and more bands are moving in the direction of using loops in their sets. I mean we can't have 4 different synth players on stage, a 3 guitarist just for that single lead line in the bridge, or two drummers playing different beats on stage (I mean for most of these instruments its hard to find just one person). So this is where the loops come into play. Another plus to including loops in a set is playing with a click track. If at the least every worship band should be using a click track so that everyone stays on the same beat. I hear some people say that it gets annoying with a click in your ear during worship, but the truth is once you get used to it you won't even realize it is there. With programs like Ableton Live you can program midi foot-controllers to different parts of the song like bridge, verse, and chorus' so you can re-visit and go off the traditional loop order. Also, if you are missing instrumentalists in your church loops (multi-tracks) are a great way to pre-record the parts or instruments you want to have in your set so you never miss a electric guitar line, or soft piano break down in the song. 

For the best tutorials you can check out youtube. There is plenty of online tutorials on how to get started and how to incorporate loops into the worship set. Check out Loop Community, a fantastic place to purchase and listen to a variety of different worship songs, and arrangements.


This is just an intro a new world of technology in worship. There is so much more to it than I can explain in one single blog post, so just check it out for yourself!

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