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Behringer P-16M Label Template

One of our band members at the church I was working at purchased us a Behringer X32. Which was a much needed upgrade since we are doing two different style Sunday morning services, a Spanish service, Youth adult service, and a school chapel time. All that to say before this donation it took a while to sound check and reset everything on our board. With this new upgrade we were able to get a very affordable  in-ear monitor mixing system. So I took the time to share this template with everyone. Has the cut out lines and all. The only thing you need to do is adjust the color assignments and name of each channel to your liking. Hope this helps you our greatly!


  1. Thanks brother. This is gold right here.

  2. Could you please make this file available again? When I tried to download the file it said it was unavailable.


    1. I updated it, please let me know if you can get that. Sorry Dropbox has changed some sharing options really annoying.

  3. Thank you so much. this was really helpful. I appreciate the time you put into it.



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