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5 Ways to Build a Worship Team - Part 2: Get Into Your Community

As I went over in the Part 1 of 5 Ways to Build Up a Worship Team, you first need to work on building up and investing in the team of people you currently have. If you miss that article I would encourage you to check it out Here.

1. Invest in Your Current Team

2. Get Into Your Community

3. Hold Regular Church-Wide Auditions

4. Build Relationships with other Local Churches

5. Online Referrals/Marketing

2. Get Into Your Community

       I Think you can take a lot of what I say in this Part and really apply it to building up a church or any ministry, but I need to state to obvious here. If you don't get out into your community and make connections you are pretty much hoping and praying for someone to come to your door step and ask to serve along side of you. There are times when that will happen however, most of the time its just not that easy (unless you are a Hillsong, Elevation Worship, Bethel, Gateway, etc.), but even then it took those churches work and community bonding to get where they are today.

1 How wonderful and pleasant it is
    when brothers live together in harmony! -Psalms 133:1

If you want to build a community or build up a team for any minitry you must get out into your community and make connections. 

- Connect with Local Colleges, & Seminary's

Here in central Florida there are a number of local schools, and seminary's that a worship minister could connect with. These schools have students that are majoring in music and you just might find someone looking to serve. I know we even have one of the largest technical recording, live sound, and computer graphics schools in Orlando Full Sail University. That is one of the first places I would make connections with. You never know if there is a student or students just wanting an opportunity to use their traits and talents and what better place for them to use them than in the local church and for the name of Jesus. This goes back to last weeks topic where I suggested to put money aside to invest into your team, but I would also have that money aside to invest into future team members. Go to a local school and invite Music directors out to lunch and mention that you are looking for some musicians to help in your band at church, tech team, graphic arts, etc. A lot of the time these instructors, professors, or directors will have a good idea of students in their classes who might be interested in serving or at the very least could keep an eye out for you. I can't tell you how many musicians/tech guys have come and served with our church just by making a connection like this. It goes a really long way and is the first step I would take when connecting with the community. 

- Local restaurants

A number of restaurants have musicians come out on the weekends to entertain their guests as the enjoy a good meal. Do these musicians attend a local church or better yet are they serving in a local church? Talking with these musicians in a 15 minute break or after their set could be the first step in making that connection and not only build up the kingdom of God, but your ministry as well

- City Events

If you church doesn't do this already you should grab your city event calendar and find local events that you could setup a tent and market your ministry or even the church. Is there a city event that could use or is looking for a live band to do some music? Why not sign up your church band to provide entertainment? It builds up a presence of your ministry in the local community and gives other an chance to experience your ministry and church without having to come to your church on a Sunday morning. It almost brings the church to your community in a sense to meet them where they are at vs. making them come to the church. These are great times to market your ministry with hopes to connect with others that are looking to serve or looking for a relationship with Christ. Other ideas are to help with parking with your churches Shirt on, setup a table hand out shopping bags with your ministry logo on it, or just have a tent where you hand out free water. Things like this build up community and show you care.

Every community is different and as a minister in your community you should learn the best ways to interact with the people in your area. At the end of the day I always say keep your eyes and ears open and don't be afraid to walk up to someone and ask them to come out to a church event, a worship practice, and better yet a one on one lunch. I will close with one example. About 4 months ago I was eating dinner with my wife and I over heard that the server was attending a local college and majoring in Music. When I heard this I said to myself, "yep I am going to be that crazy guy". I walked up to him and said I over heard that he was a music major and asked him if he was looking for a local church to serve in while he was in school. He said "actually I have been thinking about that lately". So I gave him my information and hoped he would reach out to me. He never did reach out to me, and looking back I maybe should have asked for his email, but I took the first step and made the plunge. Your not going to get a yes and add to the numbers every opportunity, but you will never know until you try. I can tell you if you don't ask your guaranteed get to nothing in return. Who knows that server might be serving in another local church now, and I might have at the very least made him starting looking for a church to serve in. God only knows, and at the end of the day if its at your church, or the church down the road we should all be on the same team, but we will get to that topic in the next few weeks.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there into your community!

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